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  • Havana Leaves - SBCDISTRO Havana Leaves - SBCDISTRO

    Havana Leaves

    About Havana Leaf Havana leaf are natural tobacco blunt wraps hand-made in the Dominican Republic, cut from premium whole-leaf tobacco. The main goal of Havana Leaf is to facilitate the process of “rolling up” and offer a more enjoyable experience for cannabis users. Unlike cigars, which are also used to ”roll up” by taking it apart and utilizing the wrap and then discarding the rest, Havana Leaf is a zero-waste product since the leaf wraps are pre-cut. tobacco tax paid only in Michigan & Florida 

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  • Loose leaf - SBCDISTRO Loose leaf - SBCDISTRO

    Loose leaf 5 pack

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    Loose Leaf Reserve Black Limited Edition is a popular blunt wrap brand created by Destodubb, the founder of That’s an Awful Lot of Cough Syrup. With endorsements from rappers like Trippie Redd, Drakeo The Ruler, and Chris Brown, it's become one of the most sought-after brands on the market. Try their unique flavors like Russian Cream, Honey Bourbon, Strawberry Dream, Banana Dream, and Reserve Black today! Made with premium tobacco and cut perfectly for easy use, these products are a must-try for any smoking enthusiast. Get them on sale now by purchasing online! Count: Each box contains 8-5 packs (40 count) Flavor: Dark and Natural

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  • Blackwoods - SBCDISTRO Blackwoods - SBCDISTRO


    Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars, is a cigarillo style cigar wrapped in an all-natural Connecticut broadleaf, infused with 100% natural tobaccos. The Honey Berry is designed with a tapered body, unfinished head and frayed at the end. These Backwoods cigars offer tastes of fresh picked berries and sweet golden honey flavors. The cigars are 4 ⅛ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 27. Each unit contains 8 convenient packs of 5 cigars, or 10 convenient packs of 3 cigars, for you to carry with you. If you're looking for a quick cigar with tons of flavor that won't break the bank, this is the one for you.

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  • Al Capone Leaf Wrap 18CT - SBCDISTRO Al Capone Leaf Wrap 18CT - SBCDISTRO

    Al Capone Leaf Wrap 18CT

    If You're Bored With The Old-fashioned Tobacco Flavor Try Using The Original Al Capone Leaf Wrap. The Creamy And Smooth Taste Is Derived From The Fermentation Of Tobacco Leaves, Which Give You The Best Tobacco Taste. Al Capone Leaf Wrap Original Is Made With Real Rum Imported From The United States To Give A Deeper And More Intense Flavor. If You're In The Market For An Exquisite And Smooth Smoking Cigarette Or A Premium Stogie, These Wraps Are Sure To Turn You Into A Fan Within A Matter Of Minutes.

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  • Slapwoods - SBCDISTRO Slapwoods - SBCDISTRO


    Our Premium Leaf Wraps Are Made From Only The Finest Virgin All Natural Tobacco Leaf. Pre Whased And Hand Cut For A Luxury Smoking Experience. Introducing Slapwoods Bloodshot, Where Quality And Intensity Collide For A Smoking Experience Like No Other. Each Pack Contains 5 Wraps, Ensuring A Bold And Flavorful Adventure With Every Use.Crafted With Precision, Slapwoods Bloodshot Wraps Are Designed For A Smooth Burn, Allowing You To Savor The Rich, Robust Flavors To The Fullest. The Name "Bloodshot" Hints At The Intensity Of The Experience, Promising A Deep And Satisfying Smoke That Leaves An Impression.These Wraps Are Perfect For Those Who Seek A Potent And Memorable Smoking Session. The Natural Leaf Material Enhances The Authenticity Of The Experience, Providing A Premium Feel For Enthusiasts Who Appreciate Top-notch Quality.Indulge In The Fusion Of Quality And Intensity With Slapwoods Bloodshot. With 5 Wraps Per Pack, You Have Just The Right Amount To Enjoy A Bold Solo Session Or To Share The Experience With Fellow Enthusiasts. Elevate Your Smoking Ritual With The Rich And Intense Flavors Of Slapwoods Bloodshot Wraps.

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